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Welcome to our timless world ideal for creating...
a unique relationship with all the magic of Fine jewellery
Concealed from sight under the rooftops for over 20 years,
this is where some of the finest jewels are born.
Having waited for our skill to become Art,
we are delighted to show you our unique creations
Fashioned by our hands and patience, our creations are authentic.
For us, the beauty and perfection of these jewels we create are all that counts.
These jewels make reference to the past, to beautiful works some thougt had gone forever,
brought back to life through creativity, perseverance and contemporary spirit.
On our timeworn workbenches, we provide great care to details and shapes to create marvels of refinement.
Precision, subtlety and a very special aesthetics
grant out jewellery its elegance and strong identity.